With mentor and friend Nowa Cumig (Dennis Banks), Bemidji, MN, May 2012

Bonjour, hello, ciao!


My name is Léna Remy-Kovach. I am a Ph.D. Student in North American Indigenous Literatures at the Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg, in Germany. I study the notions of healing and (re)conciliation in contemporary Horror and Gothic Indigenous novels.


My current projects include the imagery of hunger and cannibalism in contemporary Native horror literature, the commodification of Native American monsters in Horror television series, and the use of traditional Euro-American creatures and tropes in modern Horror by Indigenous writers from Turtle Island.


I hold a Master of Arts from Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada) in Indigenous and Canadian Studies, where I focused my research on the use of Gothic and Horror tropes to describe the World Wars in Indigenous novels. I also studied the dynamics of enrollment and conscription of Indigenous people from Canada in that period.



I am now a lecturer in North American Studies at the University of Freiburg. I currently teach Cultural Studies classes on Indigenous Peoples in Canada, and a literature seminar on Native American detective fiction. I also created #IndigenousReads, a colloquium dedicated to contemporary Indigenous fiction from Turtle Island, currently in its 3rd semester, for which I received a development grant. 

I received a Master’s degree in American History, and Bachelor’s degrees in both Italian Studies, and English and Translation from the Université de Strasbourg (Strasbourg, France), where I am originally from. In addition to my studies, I have taught undergraduate level language courses at both Carleton University and the Université de Strasbourg, and at the Pennsylvania State University (State College, USA), where I was awarded a year-long internship.

International Day for Learning and Teaching, University of Freiburg, April 2018

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